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October 16th, 2014 | Blog


I wanted to share this story with you:

Julie, 28, Bendigo, began visiting Dr Brian Symon aka ‘The Babysleep Doctor’ with her first daughter, Estelle, now 3.5 years old, when she was almost four months of age. She was experiencing serious reflux, was on multiple medications and was screaming continuously.

“We were desperate for help and sought Dr Symon’s assistance at my sister-in-law’s recommendation, who had visited him to address various issues she was having with her older son in 2011,” said Julie.

For most infants, sleeping difficulties improve within 2-3 days following the initial consultation with Dr Symon. However Estelle’s reflux was so severe that it took a little longer.

“Within three-to-four weeks of visiting Dr Symon, Estelle’s reflux had improved markedly because he put her on a tiny amount of pureed apple and rice cereal. And while many people told me it was too early, it improved her sleep significantly and allowed us to take her off the serious medications she was on as a result.

“Dr Symon was very thorough. He looked at everything that was going on. In the meantime, I was a complete mess. So he looked after me too and ensured I was OK. He was constantly there to help me out,” Julie said.

Julie and her husband gave birth to another baby girl, Coralie, 21 months later, in 2012. Coralie will turn two years old tomorrow.

“On this occasion, we visited Dr Symon before giving birth to Coralie. This time I felt more confident and knew I could give him a call or send him an email if I needed help.

“As soon as I saw any sign of reflux in Coralie, I knew what to do,” said Julie.

“Unlike Estelle, Coralie never needed any medication to address her reflux. Instead of giving her double-doses of serious medication, we started administering a tablespoon of baby solids once-a-day which improved her sleep to the extent that she never needed any medications.”

“Dr Symon is so loving and caring. He came to Coralie’s first birthday party and mobilised his contacts when my husband was made redundant last year to help us out,” Julie said.

“With Estelle, I felt like I was doing something wrong and abusing her in some way because I just couldn’t get her to stop crying, no matter what I did. And I was receiving mixed advice from all over the place.

“After we visited Dr Symon, Estelle hardly cried at all. All of my friends were so amazed that they were still rocking their children to sleep for hours while ours went to sleep so quickly and soundly.

“Our children also cried so much less after seeing Dr Symon – especially Estelle, who turned into such a happy little girl.

“Estelle had never smiled before visiting Dr Symon. He put a smile back on her dial.”


All the very best to you and your baby or babies.

Dr Brian Symon

The Babysleep Doctor

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