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The Babysleep Doctor offers virtual (online) consultations with patients anywhere in Australia and physical consultations (in Adelaide, South Australia), to suit a range of individual family needs.

A consultation with The Babysleep Doctor will feel similar in nature to a regular doctor’s appointment. The Babysleep Doctor or consultant will seek information about the parents and the baby, the baby’s sleeping and feeding habits, and growth progress, and the problems that parents are having with their baby’s behaviour (ie, sleeping). The Babysleep Doctor will provide information about the potential reasons behind the baby’s behaviour and instructions on how to achieve optimal sleep. Virtual consultations are every bit as effective as physical consultations, with the convenience of having The Babysleep Doctor come virtually to your house at your convenience.

The Babysleep Doctor’s instructions are tailored to each individual family and their situation. What works for some, may need to be achieved differently for another family. We believe this is why The Babysleep Doctor achieves such successful outcomes for the families that seek our assistance.

In-person services

Physical consultation – Supported by Medicare

Book and attend a consultation with The Babysleep Doctor at his practices in Adelaide. These consultations are Medicare supported requiring patients to pay just the gap.


  • Your consultation with The Babysleep Doctor
  • Applicable instructional pamphlets

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Online services

Consultation conducted online – $100

Book an online consultation from anywhere in the world and have The Babysleep Doctor visit your home virtually! Consultation includes:

  • One (30-45 minute) online consultation, plus Bonus Pack, comprising:
    • Appropriate instructional handouts
    • 10% discount on product purchases

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