... helping babies to sleep
and families to flourish

How we can help

A major objective of our work is to help you experience the life altering and unique feelings of being a successful, confident, competent and joyous parent. Many mothers report that caring for their baby is more complicated than they had expected. Tiredness, stress, guilt and shaky self-confidence are common companions in the first weeks and months of motherhood. Feel confident that you are not alone. The Babysleep Doctor strategy is designed to assist you to succeed in what you wish to achieve: To become the most successful mother possible for you and your family.

If you are experiencing …

  • Feeling exhausted or frustrated
  • Not enjoying motherhood
  • You lack confidence in your own abilities
  • Intuitively, something doesn’t feel right
  • Subconsciously you say “This is not what I imagined”
  • Your baby catnaps or does not sleep through the night (after 12 weeks)
  • Your baby wakes frequently throughout the night
  • You can’t wait for your baby’s bedtime
  • Your baby only falls asleep in your bed/arms
  • You have to rock or pat your baby to sleep
  • Your baby only stops crying when held
  • Your baby stops crying as soon as he/she is picked up
  • Your relationship with your partner is becoming strained
  • You are finding breastfeeding difficult
  • You feel like you have no control
  • Your nipples are sore
  • You are emotional and any small ‘issue’ causes you to burst into tears.

One of the points of difference with The Babysleep Doctor strategy is that we aim to work with women before problems arise, before the baby is even born.  Having the knowledge and skills to prevent problems before they arise in the early weeks after giving birth ensures both mother and baby prosper.  In the clinic we see new mothers from as early as 36-38 weeks pregnant.

What you can expect