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Mother-of-two’s confidence restored by her “baby whisperer”, Adelaide

November 3rd, 2014 | Blog

In 2013, then first-time mother Lindy, 38, Adelaide, was at her wits-end, having endured months of sleepless nights. Her baby Oscar, then eight months old, was regularly waking throughout the day and night.Lindy Scott

“A close friend of mine had a little girl who was a fantastic sleeper and recommended Dr Brian Symon, because she knew I was struggling with Oscar’s sleeping routine,” Lindy said.

However, Lindy was reluctant to go and see Dr Symon because she mistakenly assumed he recommended controlled crying, which didn’t sit comfortably with her.

So Lindy endured eight months of sleepless nights before reaching a point of desperation.

“The sleepless nights were taking a toll on my health, my husband’s health, and our relationship,” said Lindy.

As a last resort, she booked a consultation with Dr Symon, citing she had nothing to lose.

“I desperately needed to address the situation. So I finally visited Dr Symon.”

Dr Symon’s methods and nature were completely unexpected.

“Controlled crying is a bad term for Dr Symon’s sleeping method. Rather, Dr Symon teaches babies how to self-settle,” Lindy said.

Lindy returned home after her first consultation armed with a baby sleeping routine and significant knowledge.

“Dr Symon told me Oscar would be sleeping through the night, by the third night, if I stuck to his routine, to which I responded, yeah, right!” said Lindy.

Much to Lindy’s disbelief, Dr Symon was right.

“Oscar cried for 40 minutes the first night, 20 minutes the second night, and by the third night, he had learned how to self settle and didn’t cry at all.”

Lindy and her husband couldn’t believe it. Oscar, now three, has been a fantastic sleeper ever since.

“To avoid a repeat scenario, I visited Dr Symon when I was 35 weeks pregnant with my second child, Angus. And he has never had any problems with relation to sleep, nutrition or behaviour,” she said.

Lindy explains Dr Symon isn’t only looking after the well being of the infant, but also the wellbeing of the mother and family unit.

“Dr Symon explained that not only is it in Oscar and Angus’ best interest to be in bed by 7pm, but it it’s also best for my husband and I.

“We now enjoy quality time together every night. This genuinely saved our relationship,” said Lindy.

Lindy loves Dr Symon’s approach, and how he considers his role within the community.

“I remember him saying it takes a small village to raise a child, and he is just part of that village.”

While Lindy appreciates Dr Symon’s modesty, she sees him in a completely different light.

“He is a very caring, guiding light. I call him my baby whisperer – my guru.”

Lindy was upset when she learned of all the recent negative media surrounding Dr Symon.

“These women who haven’t met him, don’t understand his methods,” Lindy said.

“Admittedly I too, was like many of these women, who assumed his method involved controlled crying.”

Having been a patient of Dr Symon’s for over two years now, Lindy fully understands the key principles of Dr Symon’s baby sleep method.

“It is not controlled crying. Rather, Dr Symon teaches babies to self-settle,” said Lindy.

Lindy wishes to inform mothers that Dr Symon’s support is invaluable.

“Because of Dr Symon, I am a much more confident mum. I now feel confident with regards to where my baby is at – whether he’s hungry, tired or unwell.

“Not only does Dr Symon arm you with tips for sleeping, but feeding too,” Lindy said.

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