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First-time-mother’s world changed with Dr Symon’s help

October 16th, 2014 | Blog

SarahSarah, 31, Adelaide, began visiting Dr Brian Symon aka ‘The Babysleep Doctor’ with her son and only child, Max, now 2.5 years old, when he was 13 months of age. Max was crying constantly, Sarah was experiencing long, sleepless nights and consultations with other sleep psychologists were not working.

“I was miserable. I’d sleep on the floor in his bedroom as there was no point leaving his room. He just wouldn’t stop crying. We tried a sleep psychologist, whose methods worked only momentarily,” said Sarah.

“I heard about Dr Brian Symon on a local radio station and he has changed my world. Admittedly, I had doubts prior to the first consultation, due to previous failures, but they were only temporary.

“Dr Symon was very kind. I was almost in tears and he smiled gently and said ‘we’ll fix this’, and he did!!

“Dr Symon handed me a letter after the first consultation which outlined the ‘baby’s perspective’ on why he might not be sleeping, and it just makes sense.

“He wants to help mums. He’s not a devil who wants to shut babies away and let them cry. He wants people to succeed at being parents and when you’re that sleep deprived, exhausted and frustrated you can’t teach your child anything,” Sarah said.

Sarah and Max went back for a follow-up consultation shortly after, so Dr Symon could make sure he was sleeping. Since then, Max has slept soundly and while previous methods had only worked temporarily, he is 2.5 years old and sleeping brilliantly following Dr Symon’s technique.

“Dr Symon is a God-send. I don’t know where Max or I would be without him. He was very thorough and reassuring.

“I find it incredibly frustrating when people make judgements beforehand. Anyone who has doubts about his methods should actually go and visit him before reaching a decision. He doesn’t force his methods on anybody, but simply says ‘this is what I do and it works – give it a go if you want to.’ It certainly worked for me!”

“Dr Symon is intelligent and genuine. His only interest is in helping people and to prevent issues before they arise,” said Sarah.

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