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First-time-mother’s confidence and love for her baby grew after visiting Dr Symon

November 4th, 2014 | Blog

Life with my first-born was very challenging.74951778

I am a Dr and a consultant in my area of specialist training.  To feel so out of control was very threatening.

Before I consulted Dr Symon my baby would be awake and crying for prolonged hours and would not settle or sleep easily day or night, regardless of what I did. I felt exhausted and frustrated.

I finally consulted Dr Symon when my baby was 7 months old after almost falling asleep at work.  He was warm, empathetic and caring. He has a deep understanding of babies and their needs. He explained a baby’s sleep needs and behaviour to me in a way that was easy to understand and non-threatening.

Within a few days of the consult, my baby was sleeping well, eating well and was happy almost all of the time. My frustration disappeared and my confidence and love for my baby grew as I found myself enjoying every minute with him.

Since then I have had 2 more children and have followed Dr Symon’s advice with both and they have thrived. They rarely cry.

There are many ways to raise a baby. For mothers living in the Western world help from an extended family or staff is limited and the demands placed on the parents are high,

Dr Symon’s approach is practical and results in happy, healthy babies, mothers and families.  I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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