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The Baby Sleep Doctor’s ‘Baby of the Week’, Angus William Scott

November 25th, 2014 | Blog

Lindy and AngusLindy welcomed her second baby Angus, now nudging six months of age, into the world this year on June 6.

However, the birth of her second son was not as smooth as her first child’s, Oscar.

Angus was a breech baby, so Lindy was booked in for a C-section. However, she went into natural labour six days before her scheduled C section and two weeks’ prior to her due date, and subsequently had an emergency C-section.

“It was quite scary, as I experienced contractions, my waters broke and I was about four centimetres dilated by the time I arrived at hospital at 4am.

“From then it was a mad rush to get theatre staff to the hospital to operate straight away,” Lindy said.

“Angus was clearly in a rush and I’m glad I didn’t get to the hospital any later. He was born at 5.30am!”

Luckily for Lindy, the unpredictable birthing process didn’t predetermine Angus’ behaviour as a newborn.

“Angus pretty much just fed and slept 24/7. Around six weeks of age he ‘woke up’ and needed more ‘happy wake time’,” said Lindy.

According to Lindy, Angus has developed beautifully. He began smiling at seven weeks and now, at almost six months of age, is almost rolling over, is chatting and smiling all of the time.

angus and oscar“He is now starting to sleep through the night. Happy days,” Lindy said.

Lindy was 38 when she gave birth to her second son, Angus. She would’ve liked to have kids sooner, but didn’t meet her husband until she was 30.

“I have no regrets about having children older, because I feel like I have achieved what I wanted to achieve prior.

“I’ve lived life, travelled, had a career, a few relationships and partied!” said Lindy.

“Now is the perfect time to be a mum.”

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