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The Controversy

Addressing the controversy surrounding The Baby Sleep Doctor

You may have heard that over the years there’s been some controversy surrounding Dr Brian Symon and the practice. There’s been both positive and negative comments about our techniques said by people on social media with different levels of education. We have no interest in arguing our case to these people.

Our only interest is in helping families improve their quality of life, not only for the baby but for the parents too. We take a holistic approach to family health.

We acknowledge that there are many voices in this area. At times, it can be difficult to make sense of all of this conflicting information. So, we say to you, why don’t you give us a try? If you’re not convinced after the first consult you don’t have to continue. After the Medicare rebate, the gap is only $40.


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Learn how people benefitted from the Baby Sleep Doctor by reading our patient testimonials below:

Vicki & Kosta

The Sleep Doctor came to us as a recommendation. We started seeing Dr Symon from 38 weeks pregnant. We have very much enjoyed putting into practice his strategies to get our son into a really good sleep routine. By 3.5 months of age, our son began sleeping through the night!

The Sleep Doctor’s approach is warm, welcoming, friendly, understanding and trusting. We love how he really simplifies things – which is important as first time parents who have no idea what to do.

He also cares for the health and wellbeing of the mother and asks her a set of questions each visit. We also like how the doctor provides us with information sheets at each visit, which we refer back to at home.

The Sleep Doctor’s strategies and approach to sleep training are thorough, always ensuring our baby is cared for, loved for, safe, happy and healthy. His strategies have worked fo us and we speak very highly of him and his teachings.



Dr Symon helped me become more confident as a mum. Both my children have blossomed under his care and guidance. I could not recommend him more highly.


Seeing Dr Brian Symon prior to the birth of our first son was an invaluable experience. We learnt that sleep is a ‘learned’ skill that a baby develops. He gave us confidence in our ability as parents – in particular, baby sleep. I have no hesitation to recommend him to others.  


As a first time mum, I found myself bombarded with advice. Seeing Dr Symon gave me a clear program to follow and empowered me to feel confident in my developing parenting skills. Equally, being able to speak to a doctor regularly about my daughter and her feeding and sleeping habits was very comforting.


Brian helped me comfortably have my first child sleeping in 12-14 hours by 12 weeks old! My second is much more challenging but seeing Brian regularly helps build my confidence as a mother. Each time I come for an appointment, Brian checks how I’m feeling, how my relationship with my kids is building, if I’m feeling frustrated, how much I love my kids etc. This is something that I think every doctor should so with all new mums. He makes what could be a tough time, feel easy! I look forward to our appointments.


Dr Symon ensured both of our sons were getting the nutrition and rest they needed whilst I could grow into a confident, loving mother. His patience and care enabled all of this to happen and now I have two happy, thriving boys.


Life with my first-born was very challenging. I am a doctor and a consultant in my area of specialist training. To feel so out of control was very threatening. Before I consulted Dr Symon my baby would be awake and crying for prolonged hours and would not settle or sleep easily day or night, regardless of what I did. I felt exhausted and frustrated.

I finally consulted Dr Symon when my baby was 7 months old after almost falling asleep at work. He was warm, empathetic and caring. He has a deep understanding of babies and their needs. He explained a baby’s sleep needs and behaviour to me in a way that was easy to understand and non-threatening. Within a few days of the consult, my baby was sleeping well, eating well and was happy almost all of the time. My frustration disappeared and my confidence and love for my baby grew as I found myself enjoying every minute with him.

Since then I have had 2 more children and have followed Dr Symon’s advice with both and they have thrived. They rarely cry. There are many ways to raise a baby. For mothers living in the Western world help from an extended family or staff is limited and the demands placed on the parents are high,

Dr Symon’s approach is practical and results in happy, healthy babies, mothers and families. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


I’ve had 2 children visit Brian, He truly is the sleep doctor! He taught my children how to sleep since they were both born 5 weeks early we had to deal with sleeping in a new environments of quietness and darkness. He taught me all the signs to look out for in a tired baby and what things make babies tired. He also gave me the confidence to be wonderful mother and now I have 2 beautiful children that sleep beautifully and the eldest doesn’t complain when I know he needs an early night!


Dr Symon has been a great assistance with both our children, offering professional advice throughout their younger years laying foundations for good eating & sleeping patterns. Our first daughter he identified was underweight and once we followed his eating and sleeping recommendations she thrived.


After 5 months of waking every 2 hours or less, my coping mechanisms and relationships suffered. I saw results almost immediately after seeing the Baby Sleep Doctor, and my daughter, son and husband benefited from having their mother/wife back. I would highly recommend this service to new mums for the benefit of everyone.


I sought help from Dr Symon with me first daughter after 3 months of sleeping an hour at a time. This was taking its toll on my relationship not only with my daughter but also my partner. My first appointment with Dr Symon was a lot of tears and emotion, from me, not my daughter, I felt I had failed as a mother and partner. Within 1 week following Dr Symon routine my daughter was sleeping 6pm – 10pm having a dream feed and back to sleep until 6am! Not only did Dr Symon strategies help my daughter and our sleep, but also helped me regain my competence in being a mother and partner. Here we are 7 years later ready to do it all again with full confidence in Dr Symon routines.


We have seen Dr Symon with both our girls and his strategies have made our family happy and our girls excellent sleepers. Particularly with our first, Ava, she was unsettled and cried a lot when we first visited Dr Symon at 12 weeks. The change in her in just 9 days was nothing short of remarkable. She was happy and smiley and went from being a baby that always cried to a baby who rarely cried. And of course, as new parents to have a baby that sleeps 10-11 hours overnight in such a short time, meant our happiness and wellbeing increased dramatically too! No more babies for us but we’d definitely recommend Dr Symon!


The Baby Sleep Doctor has helped with strategies for all four of our children. It is so reassuring to have someone so experienced in this field to give advice in something that is so important to sustain a happy family life!


Dr Brian guided me with my now 3 ½ year old daughter from 6 weeks of age. It was not only the sleep but also her milk feeds and solids he assisted me with which all worked together to help her achieve a perfect night’s sleep and a bedtime routine which helped even as she grew older. I was so happy with his caring and knowledgeable work that I told many friends to go and see him. Now with my 5-month-old I started to see him when I was pregnant and have continued because each child is different and have been so happy with his help with my second aswell. Thankyou Brian!