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Our history

The Babysleep Doctor, Dr Brian Symon, has been a family physician since 1978. He lives in Adelaide, South Australia, where his practice has evolved to be exclusively about infant sleep and the care of young children.

All four of The Babysleep Doctor’s own children have now left home and Dr Symon and his wife Maryanne spend time visiting them and their five grandchildren in various states of Australia and countries of the world.

The Babysleep Doctor strategy is downloaded from our website by more than 3,000 unique visitors per month. Doctor Brian Symon has personally assisted more than 10,000 families over 30+ years.

The Babysleep Doctor strategy is “evidence based”, meaning that there is research evidence that it works. Dr Symon has a PhD in infant sleep having completed research funded by the research foundation of the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital in South Australia. More information is available under Research.

The Babysleep Doctor is the author of Silent Nights: Overcoming Sleep Problems in Babies and Children, a sensible no-nonsense guide to how babies sleep and why they cry. It shows how this knowledge can be applied in practical ways to help the normal, healthy baby establish sleeping patterns that will improve his or her life and benefit the entire family. Buy the book.

The Babysleep Doctor has a new book planned for release in 2015. Watch this space!

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